Reach for the moon

We do not reach for the stars, we reach for the moon! Because, as Paul Brandt already said, "Do not tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon!" In life, there are many things that restrict and prevent one's own goals. But we want to encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals. Overcome all the limits and realize your dreams according to our motto: "Realize your Dreams" with CHAMOON!

Quality from love to the craft

Many days and nights we have discussed, designed and improved over design and material.
Our aim is to create contemporary jewelry, which is both trendy and classic. It was particularly important for us to process only the highest quality materials and thus to create jewelry with an excellent quality!

From Endless Online-Shop to CHAMOON

Thanks to the great demand for the leather bracelets of Endless you gave us a great incentive to make the bracelets even better for you. With the new brand CHAMOON, we would like to launch a new era of leather jewelry for women. We've reworked all the designs to make sure that the leather bracelets are a real highlight on your wrist.