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Choker VARIO Black

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    Product description

    Choker Vario made of genuine leather

    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Premium genuine leather
    • Compatible with: all CHAMOON & Endless charms for leather bracelets
    • Clasp: Choker is knotted at the neck
    • Features: Stainless steel caps
    • Length: 120cm
    • Article type: Choker

    12 Variants to wear the Choker VARIO

    1. Variant
    Choker Variant 1
    Choker Variant 2
    2. Variant
    3. Variant
    Choker Variant 3
    Choker Variant 4
    4. Variant
    5. Variant
    Choker Variant 5
    Choker Variant 6
    6. Variant
    7. Variant
    Choker Variant 7
    Choker Variant 8
    8. Variant
    9. Variant
    Choker Variant 9
    Choker Variant 10
    10. Variant
    11. Variant
    Choker Variant 11
    Choker Variant 12
    12. Variant

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    Packaging and Shipping

    From an order value of £80, you get the bracelets and charms in the high-quality MOON-Box.

    This is suitable not only as a gift box, but also as a storage box for the jewelry of CHAMOON

    CHAMOON Moon-Box

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